4-Hydroxybutyl Acrylate Glycidylether / ACRYLIC ESTER,CROSSLINKING,EPOXY ACRYLATE

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4-Hydroxybutyl Acrylate Glycidylether (4HBAGE)

4HBAGE, with a glycidylether group at the end of a longer alkyl chain, gives excellent scratch resistance due to its high crosslinking ratio and unique flexibility.(compared to GMA)

CAS No :119692-59-0
TSCA :119692-59-0
ENCS :(5)-6751


  • 4HBAGE has a glycidylether functional group and a double bond group in the molecule.
  • Various vinyl monomers can be copolymerized with 4HBAGE.
  • The co-polymerized polymer with 4HBAGE achieves a higher crosslinking ratio with curing agents.
  • This is because the glycidylether is further away from the copolymer backbone chain.
  • This copolymer has good acid rain resistance.


  • Paint and coating materials (excellent scratch resistance, mechanical properties, and chemical properties)
  • Powder coatings
  • UV/EB curable composition.
  • Epoxy acrylate


Appearance Clear colorless liquid
Formula C10H16O4
Mol. weight 200.23
Boiling point 120°C/3 mm Hg
Freezing point -100°C or less
Viscosity 7.0 m Pa·s (20°C)
Tg (homo-polymer) -64°C
Solubility in water in organic solvents 2 g/100 g (20°C) Miscible


18-kg can

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