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Inorganic chemicals department

Potassium nitrate(Contact us for details)

Speciality chemicals department

Performance chemicals group

TAIC™ products     Product Catalog
TAIC™ Triaryl isocyanurate
TAIC™ Powder type (TAIC™ M-60, TAIC™ WH-60)
Crosslinking auxiliary agent for high temperature processing TMAIC™
Flame retardant agent TAIC™-6B
TAIC™ Prepolymer
List of names of TMAIC™, TAIC™, and related chemicals/ products
Fatty acid amide products     Product Catalog
Fatty acid amide
Urea compound (Hakreen™)(Contact us for details)
Crosslinking monomer products  
Diacetone acrylamide  Product Catalog
Adipic dihydrazide (ADH)  Product Catalog
4-Hydroxybutyl acrylate (4HBA)  Product Catalog
4-Hydroxybutyl acrylate glycidyl ether (4HBAGE)   Product Catalog
1,4-Cyclohexane dimethanol monoacrylate (CHDMMA)  Product Catalog
Environment-responsive UV Curable Coating Materials
UV-Curable Resin
Inorganic materials department
Synthetic Silica powder
MKC™ Silica      Product Catalog
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