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Responsible Care

What is Responsible Care?

RC (Responsible Care) refers to the self-management undertaken by business operators involved in manufacturing and/or handling of chemical substances. It is based on the principles of self-determination and self-responsibility with respect to taking measures and making improvements to safeguard human health and the environment, preventing facility accidents, and assuring the safety and health of workers throughout the entire life cycle of chemical substances from their development and manufacture, through to distribution, use and final consumption, and on to final disposal.
We at Nippon Kasei Group announced the enforcement of RC actions in December 2003 and remain committed to performing these actions. RC action targets are set in under the Eight-pillar policy: facility safety, occupational safety, environmental protection, quality assurance, chemical/product safety, distribution safety, social communication, and RC performance improvement.

Responsible Care Promotion System

The RC committee (Management committee), which is chaired by the president, was established to organize and unify RC actions in the Nippon Kasei Group and to discuss the planning of RC actions. Communications are transferred from Management and the planning division, which serves as RC secretariat, to lower levels including Kurosaki factory, Onahama factory, relevant divisions/branches, and group companies. Each member of our group companies, including Nippon Kasei Chemical itself, undertakes actions that are appropriate for each business category and type according to each policy.

RC Management Cycle

It is important for RC actions to conform with the annual "PDCA cycle" (Plan = development of annual plan; Do = execution of annual plan; Check = RC internal auditing; Action = correction and reporting) and for these actions to be improved on an ongoing basis. The "Check" process is particularly important for providing an accurate picture of actual execution that can then lead to improvements. Therefore, we try to ensure the objective auditing of RC actions by using auditors from outside the section being audited.

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